A team playing on top

Prior to entering the competition, there was a long and hard training: Only after the completion of their studies and varied experiences in practice did the scientists of the Martin-Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg found the company ccc.

By choosing this company name, we set the bar high from the beginning. The triple „C“ signified „Cantor Computer Center“ – with reference to the famous mathematician Georg Cantor. Due to copyright reasons we could not keep that company name. Today we operate under the name „ccc software gmbh“.

The „c“ in the middle means „clients“ and represents our clear customer orientation. The other two are often being interpreted as „competence“ and „creativity“, and we for our part, have no objections to it.    

In 1996, we launched our first sports software products, some of which represented the first of their kind. Compared to the beginnings, we are today enriched by as regards practical experiences of quite a number of years as well as by many committed and competent member staff. These are, by the way, the owners of the limited company – a fact that is for each and every one of us both incentive and obligation.


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