1. Please make sure that you always use the most recent version of the software.

The updates provide new functionality along with bug fixes for increased stability of the application.

utilius® vs Version 4.5.1 (20.03.2012) download
utilius® fairplay 5 Version 5.3.3 (23.04.2012) download
utilius® fairplay Version 4.0.11 (21.09.2010) download
utilius® coachassist (with animation) Version 2.5.1 (08.12.2011) download

2. Please refer to the online help function or program documentation and watch the video tutorials.

Increase your knowledge of the software by using our video tutorials and reading all of the online help and documentation.

utilius® fairplay 5 Tagging tutorial 1 2
utilius® fairplay Manual
utilius® easyinspect Quickstart
utilius® coachassist Manual Animation tutorial

3. Find answers to your questions in our FAQ

Read the answers to the questions most commonly asked in our FAQ.

zur FAQ für utilius® vs
zur FAQ für utilius® fairplay 5

4. Contact our support team.

Please have the serial number of your software ready when you contact our support.

Where to find the serial number of the software:
utilius® vs Menu Help - Info
utilius® fairplay 5 Program icon - Help - Info
utilius® fairplay Program icon - Help
utilius® easyinspect Program icon - Help
utilius® coachassist Menu Help - Info
to the support formular


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