You are in good company

Here you can find some associations, organizations and institutes using ccc sports software and which had also partly a share in the development.


  • German Hockey Association
  • German Volleyball Association
  • German Ski Association
  • German Handball Association
  • German Badminton Association
  • German Basketball Association
  • German Canoe Association
  • German Modern Pentathlon Association
  • German Tae Kwon Do Association
  • German Judo Association

Universities and research institutes

  • Institute of Applied Training Sciences (IAT) Leipzig
  • University of Leipzig
  • University of Bayreuth
  • University of the German armed forces of Munich
  • University of Frankfurt
  • University of Heidelberg
  • University of Tübingen
  • University of Münster
  • University of Potsdam
  • Sports university of Cologne
  • German coach academy of Cologne
  • Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel

Olympic bases

  • Olympic base of Cottbus/Frankfurt (Oder)
  • Olympic base of Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein
  • Olympic base of Rhineland
  • Olympic base of Leipzig
  • Olympic base of Magdeburg/Halle
  • Olympic base of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • Olympic base of Lower Saxony
  • Olympic base of Potsdam
  • Olympic base of Rhine/Neckar
  • Olympic base of Stuttgart
  • Olympic base of Rhine/Ruhr
  • Olympic base of Tauberbischofsheim
  • Olympic base of Westfalen/Warendorf

International Associations

  • National Olympic Comitee (NOC) for the Netherlands(hockey, handball, basketball, badminton, water polo, volleyball, canoe polo)
  • Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB)
  • International Hockey Federation (FIH)
  • European Volleyball Confederation (CEV)
  • Finnish Basketball League
  • Austrian Handball Federation

Universities and research institues

  • Universidad de Alicante, Spain

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