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Once you attain a certain proficiency level, a multi-camera system for your video coaching analysis becomes indispensable. You should make equally high demands on technology as on your athletes. The system should be flexible and quickly ready for use. Easy handling along with high functionality is a necessity. Last but not least, efficiency counts – in acquisition as well as in actual operation.

On the basis of their long-term experience with video analysis systems for coaching and competition, ccc has developed the multi-camera system utilius® kiwano. A system ready for use at a single button click – even on the spur of the moment if you have not planned on doing video feedback. In just a few minutes you can show the athlete hitherto undetected potential for optimization from several perspectives – the timeshift module offers instant feedback to your exercise. By means of its modular structure utilius® kiwano is adaptable to altering requirements in no time at all. Individually prepared recording scenarios enable you to set up your entire hardware and software with a single click. Thus you can utterly focus on your actual work.

Multiple cameras see more than one. With utilius® kiwano you record your exercise from several perspectives at the same time and play them back synchronously frame by frame. This reveals deficiencies in technique or motion that even an experienced coach would not see with the naked eye – and that elude the athlete’s own perception. utilius® kiwano gives you the choice between instant feedback on the one hand and the documentation of the training without interruption on the other hand. During the evaluation the system can find specificscenes for you to show the athlete the potential for optimization for the next training course. With utilius® kiwano you quickly and comfortably gain results from the video recordings of your detailed motion and technique analysis. You may, for example, control your entire system from a tablet PC and are free to move anywhere, anytime. You save a lot of time and preparation effort in practice with the aid of defining individual recording scenarios. Since the system allows you to integrate already available technical equipment and to connect additional devices, such as cameras, without any problems, you enjoy highest flexibility and efficiency with utilius® kiwano.

Point for point: Your most important advantages
  • Reliable data & facts – through qualitative technical analysis
  • Training optimization – individual customization to your methodology and purpose
  • Continuous performance enhancement – feedback functionality for accelerated learning processes
  • Flexibility – connect additional mobile cameras and computers
  • Speed and convenience – by means of preset recording scenarios
  • Longterm benefit – automatic archiving of your recordings
  • Efficiency – by combining new with existing technical equipment

The individual composition of every utilius® kiwano system according to the “building block principle” provides you with the exact solution you need. These modules are available to you as needed:

PTZ Control: Pan, tilt and zoom the cameras from the PC or tablet

Recording Scenarios: Pre-select the cameras with their settings for recurring use cases

Timeshift: Give immediate feedback to the athlete or coach by means of time-shifted playback

Tracking Shot: Set up automatic camera movement after a pre-determined time

Presentation Player: Present the video independently on one or more video displays

Distribution: Export recordings or scenes (including a player for presenting multiple recordings in parallel)

Measuring: Calculate angles, distances, and velocities and find out temporal patterns

Upload: Integrate your recordings in in video portals such as YouTube or Silicon Coach Live – or into your own web site

Measurement System Interface: Synchronize with external data sources and/or graphical data displays in synchronization with the video

User Administration: Administer the access rights to the cameras and recordings for designated user groups

Olympic Training Center Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein
  • Beach hall
  • Counter-current system
  • Indoor swimming pool
Olympic Training Center Mecklenburg-Vorpommer
  • Diving System
University Leipzig, Institute for Sports Science Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft (IAT)
  • Mobile competition recording System for swimming

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Reference Gymnastics


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