Visualizing strengths and weaknesses

utilius® fairplay has always been more than a video player. The completely new developed version 5 provides more functions for analyzing your videos.

The new version allows a direct recording from digital video cameras and web cams. In addition, the integrated timeshift function makes real video feedback training possible. Mark any scene on the time line and compose your own playlists. Upgrade the presentation of your videos by inserting text, drawing lines and other graphical elements.

Of course all well-proven functions of our popular video player utilius® fairplay belong to the new version, too.

Point for point: Your most important advantages
  • New user interface and improved user guidance
  • Timeshift record functions: record videos from the camcorder, go to any point of the recording, play back and analyze videos, record simultaneously.
  • Management of playlists.
  • Marking of video sequences of a video and commenting on corresponding scenes.
  • Passing on of timestamps and text to the video analysis software utilius® vs for editing purposes.
  • Video cut of all selected sequences.
  • Presentation view with control functions that may be hidden.
  • Drawing of lines, arrows, rectangles, circles and free lines into the video.
All program functions of utilius® fairplay are also contained in the new version.

The MPEG-CodecPack allows for video playack and encoding of the wide-spread video format MPEG-4/AVC. High-end codecs from the market leader MainConcept and full support of the industry standard H.264 for HD video quality is the technological basis.



The tagging module enhances the scene tagging of utilius® fairplay 5 with additional comfortable functionality. For example, you are able to mark scenes and add a note with only a single mouse click. The statistics function shows a summary of the tagged actions and allows you to playback all scenes bearing a certain tag.


Tagging PLUS-Module

The new module Tagging PLUS offers you all well-proven functions of the Tagging module, e.g. defining a button scheme with scene notes, or producing a frequency statistics of actions. Additionally, you can tag your scenes online (remotely). For example, use your tagging template for tagging online from your iPhone or iPad. Following that you can watch your scenes marked in the video. This saves your time and you can move around freely on the field.


Measuring Module

Use the measuring module to measure paths, distances, angles, (angular) velocities, or (angular) accelerations with just a few clicks in your video. No matter whether frontally or in a plane, an appropriate calibration provided, measuring in utilius® fairplay 5 becomes a breeze.


Tagging Tutorial 1

Tagging Tutorial 2

Measure Tutorial

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