Visualizing strengths and weaknesses

The video player utilius® fairplay offers many comfortable playing functions and excellent analysing opportunities and can be handled very easily at the same time.

You can use the video cutting function in order to cut, insert, copy or attach sequences. Fix images or single images can be saved as image files.

Do you want to repeat a scene as infinite loop or do you want to watch it in slow motion? Clicking once is sufficient.  The deinterlaced mode improves image quality of fast movements considerably.

Using utilius® fairplay, comparing two recordings becomes child’s play. By clicking once, both videos are synchronized and can be played simultaneously next to each other – if required also in mirrored form.

Point for point: Your most important advantages
  • Playing of a video or comparing of two videos * by a synchronized playback.
  • Easy video cutting functions *.
  • Playing of video streams and playing lists.
  • Different playback speeds, playing in the deinterlaced mode with 50 images per seconds.
  • Navigation within the video by means of the cursor buttons or the mouse.
  • Zooming of video clips *, mirrored playback *, stopwatch function *
  • Marking and continuously playing of a video scene in the feedback mode
  • Saving of fix images and fix image sequences.

Features labelled with * are available only for the full version of utilius® fairplay, any other for the free version utilius® fairplay lite too.

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