Assistant for the training routine

Training means: training, training, training... and as a coach you spend precious time during each training preparation for putting together the very same training exercises and sequences in an only lightly modified way.

For it, you should employ an as much smart as reliable assistant: utilius® coachassist. The program executes the acquisition and categorization of training exercises as well as the combination of individual training sequences.

You draft the line-up of players and the training sequence on a field or a field section. Then utilius® coachassist will provide you with the graphic tools as well as the fields for numerous forms of sport. This library may of course be extended as you like, even with videos, photos etc. Now you can animate your exercises and still make it even clearer.

You can show your athletes the result on the monitor or screen, you may exchange it easily with other users or you copy it into other programs.

Point by point: Your most important advantages
  • Multimedia acquisition and presentation of trainings and competitions.
  • Comfortable layout opportunities.
  • For any form of sport.
  • Systematic management of training exercises in a database.
  • Individually generable lines, texts, labels, etc.
  • Extensive field and symbol libraries, individually extendable.
  • Animate your exercises.
  • Import and export of symbols, libraries and documents (HTML, PDF, ZIP etc.).

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