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Is there something more annoying before a coaching or a presentation than having to search comprehensive video material for particular video scenes? It’s good that these times are over – since utilius® vs exists.

With this software, video recordings can be fast classified and analyzed, and be filed intelligently. With the help of a time stamp and of systematic abbreviated features you can locate the scene you are looking for at any time, very fast and targeted.

Since the categories with the abbreviated features can be defined individually for the classification of the video recording, you can perfectly customize utilius® vs within a short time according to your personal work style.

Point by point: Your most important advantages
  • Classification of video scenes on the basis of selectable and free definable category systems.
  • Fast and targeted access to selected video sequences.
  • Creation of vivid presentations from analysed recordings by means of comprehensive cutting functions.
  • Use under operational conditions - in the sports hall or on the sports field.
  • Feedback functions: playback at any desired speed and of several videos at the same time.
  • Visualization, presentation and passing on of results by use of the analysing module.

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