In a moment, the ball’s in your court

Is it part of your work to observe competitions and training sessions, to analyze the movements of your athletes and opponents and to derive specific future measures from that insight? If so, there is hardly an alternative to ccc sports software.

Each of the programs presented here is in its sport among the best in the world. And when playing together, some of them are even unbeatable – e.g. utilius® fairplay 5 and utilius® vs. No wonder that ccc sports software is an absolute favorite with associations, organizations, sport institutes and universities all over the world as well as with national and top teams.

Here you will find out about the most important features of each single product. In order to get to know more of the technology, download the respective flyer in PDF-format. And if you want to know exactly how to bring your athletes with ccc into a peak form, you may contact us by phone.


utilius® fairplay 5 lite
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