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Instant availability of video sequences and easy handling were the key requirements oft he video system utilius® kiwano ccc software gmbh designed and implemented for the Schärttner Hall of the University of Leipzig. utilius® kiwano operates with nine network cameras mounted on the walls and delivering up to 80 frames per second at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Every single camera records the activity on a stationary gymnastic apparatus, each from the ideal perspective. This opens up the training of jumping, at the asymmetrical bars, the horizontal bars, the parallel bars, the beam and the exercise uneven Bars .
At the end of the last year the time had come for the coaches at the University of Leipzig. They have been introduced into the work with the modern video analysis system and they are looking forward now to the next training sessions and to using the direct video feedback available now.

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Video Analysis Solution for OSP Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

We are happy to have received the subsidy for an additional project. The diving facility in Rostock shall be equipped with new video technology thus allowing for an optimal training process. The diving platform in the reconstructed training and competition hall will be equipped with 6 PTZ cameras from the company AXIS. Thanks to the modular design of our software new unique training methods and feedback facilities are available for the coaches. The first on-site camera tests are planned soon.

utilius® vs Handball in Action

I use utilius® vs Handball both for match preparation in view of the next opponent and for reflecting our performance when following up the competition achievements…

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Multi-camera system all well and good – but is it really practicable?

We are always confronted with the same requirements, but also with the same concerns, when a training facility is to be equipped with video technology. Is the video solution practicable, i.e. can one set it up quickly and operate it in daily use during a training session?
The new multi-camera system utilius® kiwano by ccc implements exactly these requirements in a single product. The system is ready to use with a single button click. The advantage is obvious. Even if the use of video feedback might not have been intended, with utilius® kiwano the athlete can get direct feedback in less than 5 minutes. By use of the stationary cameras and appropriate recording scenarios the program grants flexible use cases to the coaches and athletes. They can watch the scenes from up to four perspectives in slow motion or step-by-step, or evaluate or flag them with notes. Otherwise the recordings are deleted from the server automatically after an individually pre-defined time. This automatically reduces the amount of archive data.
Would you like to record an exercise from another perspective? No problem! You can additionally connect a mobile camera.
All in all, utilius® kiwano offers an integrated, modern, and future-safe software and hardware solution alleviating everyday training and offering facilities for competition analyses.

You ask, we answer. What can I measure using the new measuring module in utilius® fairplay 5?

You can measure paths, distances, angles, (angular) velocities, or (angular) accelerations with just a few clicks in your video. The easy-to-use measure module allows you to measure not only frontally. With a suitable calibration you can even measure in a perspective plane (e.g. in an oblique view on a playing field).
Mathematical algorithms support you at your work: values between the measure points are interpolated, i.e. when measuring velocities, for every frame you get a realistic value for position, velocity, and acceleration of an object.

Here you can find the instructions for measuring:

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You ask, we answer: Is it possible to follow up my utilius® vs analysis data also in other programs?

Yes, it is. Using the command “Export cutting... more »


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