New modules for utilius® fairplay 5

Available now – new version of utilius® fairplay 5

The new version 5.3.1 offers you even more features improving your work with your videos. utilius® fairplay 5 gives you ideal facilities for marking scenes which you can, with the help of the new modules for Youtube or siliconcoach LIVE, upload to a video platform of your choice. Thus you as a coach are able to do your video analysis of your athlete independently of your location.

You can order utilius® fairplay 5 easily in our Online-Shop.

Do you already have an older version of utilius® fairplay 5? Please download the latest version from our download center.

The new Tagging PLUS

The new module Tagging PLUS offers you all well-proven functions of the Tagging module, e.g. defining a button scheme with scene notes, or producing a frequency statistics of actions. Additionally, you can tag your scenes online (remotely). For example, use your tagging template for tagging online from your iPhone or iPad.
All you need is a device with a web browser connected to the same network as the computer running utilius® fairplay 5. It does not matter whether these devices are connected by cable or via WLAN to this network.
Following that you can watch your scenes marked in the video. This saves your time and you can move around freely on the field.

You can purchase the new Tagging PLUS module in our online shop at the price of 89€.

Now capture from your HDV camera

The revised CodecPack now enables you to record video from a HDV camera via FireWire. Thus you can use video in HDV format at high resolution quality for your analysis and further processing. With the help of an HDMI-to-HDV converter you can even use the high resolution live signal from your AVCHD camera or a similar device for recording, provided the camera has an HDMI output

Try out utilius® fairplay 5 even longer now

You have already tested utilius® fairplay 5 but have not found enough time yet for using all functions and modules extensively? You can register directly in the program and extend your trial period by 20 days.
And this is how: After your trial period has expired, a dialog box is displayed asking for registration. Please enter your data and you will receive an activation link by mail for activating utilius® fairplay 5 for another time. Please click the activation link. On the next start of utilius® fairplay 5 you will then be given 20 more days for trial.

Your questions, our answers: How can I work with the new Tagging PLUS?

The module Tagging PLUS offers the same functions as the Tagging module. You can define individual layouts for tagging scenes, show the statistics of the tagging, and playback all scenes for a tag. The Tagging PLUS module extends this tagging and evaluation by a browser component, the Remote Tagging. This enables you use a remote device (2nd notebook, tablet PC, or smartphone) for tagging scenes that are saved on the host device (the “fairplay 5 computer”). The connection between remote and host device may be by cable or via WLAN.


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