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New add-on modules for utilius® fairplay 5

Thanks to the new add-on modules for utilius® fairplay 5 you can now expand the functionality of your program according to your needs.
The Tagging-Module extends the scene capturing feature of utilius® fairplay 5 with additional functionality. Just one mouse click is all it takes to flag a scene and add a comment. The statistics feature provides an overview of all flagged actions and gives you an easy way to play all the scenes flagged with a specific property.
The MPEG-CodecPack provides the ability to play videos that were recorded using the widespread video codec MPEG-4/AVC as well as to encode videos using that codec. Technological base is the high quality codec by market leader MainConcept and full support of industry standard H.264 for HD-Video-quality and AAC for audio.
Both modules are available in our online store.

Special sale offer for our utilius® fairplay 5 bundle – 25% off standard price!

It will be all your fault if you miss this special offer. Right now you can order utilius® fairplay 5 bundle including the tagging module and MPEG-CodecPack (download version) at the special price of € 115.97 (regular price € 157.15) or utilius® fairplay 5 with hardware dongle including both additional modules at € 174.79 (regular price € 215.97). Thanks to the new add on modules for utilius® fairplay 5 you can now expand the functionality of your program according to your needs.
Take your chance and order utilius® fairplay 5 at this special price. The offer is valid until 2011/12/31.

All prices are excluding V.A.T.
This special offer cannot be combined with any other specials.

Long waited for, here it is: utilius® coachassist including animation!

The new animation module, being included in the current version of utilius® coachassist, provides you with the functionality to animate your training exercises and tactics within short time. Just a few mouse clicks to define your animation paths and to visualize your exercises. Raise your training and match planning to a new and highly professional level!
You are currently using an older version of utilius® coachassist and want to use the new functionality? No problem, just order a program update at a very reasonable price.

Your Questions, Our Answers: How to animate exercises in utilius® coachassist?

The training assistant utilius® coachassist now provides you the functionality to run your training exercises as an animated version. Ball and players can change their positions according to your settings in order to visualize the training exercises in a better way. To use this feature you need to run utilius® coachassist in version 2.5.1 or any higher version.
At first, select your playing field and place the symbols for the starting position. Then select animation in the left symbol tray. The time line of the animation will now open in a new window. Click on the symbol to be animated and drag an animation path into the desired direction (e.g. where the ball should be played or where the player should move to). Finally assign a line style, arrow and color to the line. In the time line the animation path will be shown as a blue bar (or yellow when selected). The duration for the move will be a default of 1 second; this can be changed by selecting the bar and dragging the right end to the left or right. Now you can check the result by playing the animation. For this, click on preview in the animation window and then select play from the menu. Repeat these steps to add more animation paths.
A full set of instructions is included in the online help of utilius® coachassist.

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