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Free download of ccc sports software product

The video player utilius® fairplay of the ccc software gmbh offers comfortable playing functions, excellent possibilities of analysis and easy handling: With one mouse click, a scene may be repeated as infinite loop or may be displayed in slow motion. The de-interlaced mode improves the picture quality with fast movements significantly.

Comparing two pictures becomes a child’s play using utilius® fairplay. With one mouse click, both videos may be synchronized and be played comfortably next to each other, if needed also mirrored.

As of full version 4, it is also possible to cut videos easily with utilius® fairplay. Video sequences may be cut, pasted, copied or attached. Furthermore, freezed images or all single pictures of a marked sector may be saved as a picture file, if desired also with automatic naming and in freely selectable distances. AVI files and WMV files are suitable for video cutting. The full version is available for download on our website as 20 day test version, the free version utilius® fairplay lite may also be downloaded.

Worldwide use of ccc software

It is also outside of Germany that our software enjoys greater popularity. Top clubs in countries such as Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands use our software. This is why ccc software has been maintaining a vast worldwide sales network for many years. Our on-site partners use their good contacts within the sports sector.
Our newest sales partner from Norway, Tone Woelner, could also convince herself of the advantages of the video analysis system utilius® vs while being with the Saxon second division team SC Markranstädt. Now she is back to native Norway and supports top clubs with her knowledge.

ccc software takes on support of FIBA Europe Coaching Website

Since 2006, FIBA Europe, the European Basketball Organization, has been running an online platform for training planning. It allows Basketball coaches to collect training exercises online and to use them for creating individual training plans. The intensive use of the platform is due to collected exercises and moves being published for all users as well as to the possible exchange among coaches in the forum. Having successfully completed an initial project, ccc takes on the support and further development of the FIBA Europe Coaching Website as of March 2009.  As successful developer of sports software products, ccc has the best qualifications to take up this challenge!

As Basketball coach you can register here for this free offer:

You ask, we answer: Is it possible to follow up my utilius® vs analysis data also in other programs?

Yes, it is. Using the command “Export cutting list”, you save the information of the cutting list in tabular form within a file. You can specify in a control, which fields are to be exported. You can export features of the category system, recorded times and file names in different file formats (text file for follow up in Microsoft Excel, HTML file for displaying or printing in the Internet browser).

The procedure is as follows: Click with the right mouse button into the scene list of your video cut, and then with the left mouse button in the context menu on “Export cutting list”. The assistant is started. Select as a first step the columns of the table and their order. Then, as a second step, the result table is shown in the preview.  After that, the export file name and file format are determined. In case you wish to follow up on your analysis data in Microsoft Excel, select the file type “csv” and the format “text file, separated by semicolon”. As a final step you may look at the result or switch to the export directory and close the assistant.


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