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Groundbreaking, informative and your direct access to us: New online presence

The new Internet presence of the ccc software gmbh is online! Thanks to the support of the Dresden agencies Markenteam and xport as well as Michael Faulmüller from LingoBar, all details, from the content to the „look & feel“ were redesigned and realized according to modern perspectives.
Special thank to xport for having customized our ideas with the utmost care and expertise. „Even though it meant more work than expected, I know it was worth the effort. The new online presence is modern and now reflects also the professionalism of the cooperation with our customers on the Internet,“ said Jens Heinrich, manager of the ccc software gmbh.
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New member of staff for sports software sales

Mrs. Stefanie Scholz joined our ccc team in the sales of sports software in December 2008. As graduate sports engineer, she excellently combines aspects of sports science and engineering. In her studies, the main emphasis was on integrated product development, sports equipment engineering as well as on performance diagnostics and biomechanics. These are the best qualifications to optimally support you as our customers. Part of her responsibilities with the ccc software gmbh are sales, customer care and sales partner support.

How to reach Mrs. Scholz in the future:
ccc software gmbh
Stefanie Scholz
Ring 24 | 04416 Markkleeberg | Germany
phone: +49 (341) 30548 – 48

Do you already know utilius® easyinspect? Not yet? Then have a look now!

The distance of a pass, the approach angle of a ball, its speed …
a good athlete realizes such parameters within split seconds and without thinking. However, an objective assessment of a match or a training situation requires physical measurement parameters. With utilius® easyinspect, these data can be obtained by analysing normal video sequences. Fast, easy and amazingly precise. As uncomplicated the use of this software is, as high complex and groundbreaking are the algorithms with which it "translates" two-dimensional images into the three-dimensional space, carrying out desired measurements: spaces, angles, distances and speeds. Even if you have an excellent "eye", using utilius® easyinspect you will recognize still much more.

Your most important advantages point by point:

  • Measuring within three-dimensional space and analysis without time-consuming test set-up – easy measuring of spaces and angles.
  • Determining distances and speeds by analysing video sequences.
  • Clear graphic display of measured values in the video image and in result lists.
  • Easy construction of measuring points lying outside the video image.
  • Free definable units of measurement.
  • Saving of recurring measuring sequences in measuring templates.
  • Full functionality of utilius® fairplay.

You ask, we answer: Can I cut videos using utilius® fairplay?

The new version 4 of utilius® fairplay makes it easy to cut videos. Video sequences may be cut, inserted, copied or attached. In addition, fixed images and single images of marked sections may be saved as image files, if desired also with automatic naming and free definable spaces. Short cuts, that is key sequences, can be used for these functions, such as Ctrl+C to copy a marked section or Ctrl+V to insert a section into a video at a marked spot. AVI and WMV files are suitable for video cuts.

Your contact person

Stefanie Scholz
Contact person Sports software
phone: +49 (341) 30548 - 48
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