For 3 months now, we have a new sales partner in Latin America. Last year, Mr. Leonardo Rodríguez attended a 5-months lasting international coach cours (ITK) for PE teachers and coaches from Latin America at the Faculty of Sports Science of the University of Leipzig. The main emphasis was on the sport volleyball. Aside from practice-oriented units, theory as for example video analysis was on the agenda. Back in Latin America, Mr. Rodríguez visisted the Women’s South American Volleyball Championship where he presented the video information system utilius® vs to a great public, thereby attracting wide interest for it. Since then, Mr. Rodríguez has been supporting the sales of sports software in Latin America.

Contact details:

Entrenador Leonardo Rodríguez
Calle C "Brigadier Juan Antonio Lavalleja" s/n, entre 3 y 4.
Parque del Plata, Canelones, Uruguay.
Zipcode: 16100
Phone: (00598)-3753719
Mobile phone: (00598)-99227364


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