CMA Sports Analysis was created to find and design simple sports video analysis solutions, which are easy to setup and use. Our background is in Video Production, IT Technologies, Video Sports Analysis and Sports Photography. We are a small company that pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service, support and knowledge. Our first product CMA Cougar was designed in conjunction with International coaches in Trampolining, who found video analysis, difficult, time consuming and hard to operate. We have continued to expand our product range, designing portable solutions with CMA Lynx and CMA Wild Cat, both laptop based systems. For clubs that require a bespoke solution designed around their sports venue, we have CMA Lion. We have supplied our solutions to Gymnastic Clubs, Trampolining Centres, DMT Clubs and Tennis Centres, based around the UK and Europe.

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Since 2009 the German Wheelchair Sports Association successfully utilizes utilius® sports software for wheelchair basketball. Here I would like to talk about our work with the match analysis software utilius® vs and the coaching assistant utilius® coachassist.

This sports software is being used in all wheelchair basketball national teams. Thanks to the descriptive preparation and post-processing facilities for coaching and competitions, both programs are used intensely by our coaches. The success of its use in 2013 is reflected in the silver medal for the women at the Europe contest in Frankfurt. The employment of ccc sports software even contributed to the victory of the U23 juniors at the championship in Adana!

Furthermore, the two video or match software programs are intensely used for education and advanced training of coaches. Here, the preparation of individual match scenes and the graphical representation of recent game situations are very popular!

The Coach Manual Wheel Chair Basketball gains detailed descriptive quality from the numerous graphics created with utilius® coachassist.

We will gladly continue to recommend these match analysis software solutions from ccc within our seminars and our media!

Peter Richarz

DRS Lehr- und Trainerkommission Rollstuhlbasketbal
Headcoach U23 Junioren

Just before the year ends we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the great cooperation with you this year. Together we look back to a successful year 2013 and would like to give you something of it back. For this reason we have implemented the three features most requested by our customers in utilius® fairplay 5 free of charge!

The new version 5.3.7 available now enables you to place two video recordings on top of each other in order to compare motion sequences even better.


Furthermore, you can display the video image on a second separate monitor. Thus you may, for example, present the analysis of the last game even more comfortably. Or you use utilius® fairplay 5 directly in the lecture hall. Show your students how detailed motion analysis can be!

The third new feature provides you with up to three stop watches in parallel. Analyze different phases of motion sequences without losing the focus on the entire run.

Don't hesitate to download the latest version and benefit from our new features.

Download utilius® fairplay 5.3.7

Also in the next year it is our concern to understand the requirements of our customers and partners and to realize projects successfully together. We are looking forward to your suggestions!

We wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Your team from ccc software gmbh

You can measure paths, distances, angles, (angular) velocities, or (angular) accelerations with just a few clicks in your video. The easy-to-use measure module allows you to measure not only frontally. With a suitable calibration you can even measure in a perspective plane (e.g. in an oblique view on a playing field).
Mathematical algorithms support you at your work: values between the measure points are interpolated, i.e. when measuring velocities, for every frame you get a realistic value for position, velocity, and acceleration of an object.

Here you can find the instructions for measuring:

Instant availability of video sequences and easy handling were the key requirements oft he video system utilius® kiwano ccc software gmbh designed and implemented for the Schärttner Hall of the University of Leipzig. utilius® kiwano operates with nine network cameras mounted on the walls and delivering up to 80 frames per second at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Every single camera records the activity on a stationary gymnastic apparatus, each from the ideal perspective. This opens up the training of jumping, at the asymmetrical bars, the horizontal bars, the parallel bars, the beam and the exercise uneven Bars .
At the end of the last year the time had come for the coaches at the University of Leipzig. They have been introduced into the work with the modern video analysis system and they are looking forward now to the next training sessions and to using the direct video feedback available now.

User report

We are always confronted with the same requirements, but also with the same concerns, when a training facility is to be equipped with video technology. Is the video solution practicable, i.e. can one set it up quickly and operate it in daily use during a training session?
The new multi-camera system utilius® kiwano by ccc implements exactly these requirements in a single product. The system is ready to use with a single button click. The advantage is obvious. Even if the use of video feedback might not have been intended, with utilius® kiwano the athlete can get direct feedback in less than 5 minutes. By use of the stationary cameras and appropriate recording scenarios the program grants flexible use cases to the coaches and athletes. They can watch the scenes from up to four perspectives in slow motion or step-by-step, or evaluate or flag them with notes. Otherwise the recordings are deleted from the server automatically after an individually pre-defined time. This automatically reduces the amount of archive data.
Would you like to record an exercise from another perspective? No problem! You can additionally connect a mobile camera.
All in all, utilius® kiwano offers an integrated, modern, and future-safe software and hardware solution alleviating everyday training and offering facilities for competition analyses.

We are happy to have received the subsidy for an additional project. The diving facility in Rostock shall be equipped with new video technology thus allowing for an optimal training process. The diving platform in the reconstructed training and competition hall will be equipped with 6 PTZ cameras from the company AXIS. Thanks to the modular design of our software new unique training methods and feedback facilities are available for the coaches. The first on-site camera tests are planned soon.

I use utilius® vs Handball both for match preparation in view of the next opponent and for reflecting our performance when following up the competition achievements…

Entire report

We distinguish between 4 types of cameras:

1. Webcams that are integrated in a notebook or connected by USB on the PC.
2. DV  and HDV cameras or HDV converters that are connected by firewire on the PC.
3. Cameras that record to hard disks or storage cards.
4. IP cameras, i.e. cameras that are addressed directly over the network or by WLAN.

Today’s article deals with the webcams nowadays available in high quantity. Beside the cameras integrated in notebooks, webcams for the USB port are available for purchase in the price range of 10 to over 100€. At present very few models support the fast USB 3.0 interface, so notebooks with USB 2.0 interfaces are sufficient for using webcams.

The standard resolution, particularly of integrated webcams, is 640 x 480 (VGA) and, depending on the model, extends to 1920 x 1080 (Full HD, also called 1080p). Videos may generally be recorded with up to 30 frames per second. Some models, like the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910, can record even up to 60 frames/sec at a resolution of 640 x 480. Those interested in technical details may find on Wikipedia (link to a comprehensive description of video resolutions.

The biggest drawback of webcams at present is the fact, that they record video data almost without compression or as an MJPEG stream. This comes with a high data rate that pushes the present techniques at their limits, in particular with the higher resolutions. Thus fewer frames per seconds can be recorded or frames will even be dropped during recording.

A solution may be new types of webcams like the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 that transfer the video compressed already in the H.264 format. In August, this camera generation will also be supported by the CodecPack (Link) of utilius fairplay. This reduces the size of the recorded video file approximately by the factor 10.

Another important part in recording from webcams is the installed driver for controlling the camera. No-name webcams or Microsoft products generally use the standard driver from the Microsoft operating system. There are no known issues with recording from webcams with this driver. Camera manufacturers such as Logitech and others bring along their own drivers that usually interpose image optimization processors. This might lead to a higher workload of the system and might increase the number of dropped frames. One solution to this problem is using the standard driver with these camera types as well. You can find a tutorial (Link) in our download section.

In general we recommend higher-quality camera types like Microsoft LifeCam Cinema or LifeCam Studio as these are fitted with a bigger recording chip and high-quality lenses. This achieves a higher image sharpness, higher fidelity, and less noise even at poor light conditions.

The biggest difference between webcams and other camera types is the missing optical zoom. This might result in restricted recording scenarios for the video feedback training. The alternative may be DV and HDV cameras that we will elaborate on in our next article within this series.

You can measure paths, distances, angles, (angular) velocities, or (angular) accelerations with just a few clicks in your video. The easy-to-use measure module allows you to measure not only frontally. With a suitable calibration you can even measure in a perspective plane (e.g. in an oblique view on a playing field).
Mathematical algorithms support you at your work: values between the measure points are interpolated, i.e. when measuring velocities, for every frame you get a realistic value for position, velocity, and acceleration of an object.

At the moment we develop a complete solution for high-speed recordings of gymnastics training exercises for the Sports Science Faculty of Leipzig University. Short exercises on the high bar, parallel bars, or on the floor are recorded at 80 frames per second using Basler network cameras. The system consists of 9 cameras, one server, a video projector, and a laptop with touch input.
The test verified the recording from multiple cameras synchronously. This enables the analysis of an exercise from multiple viewing angles. In a final stress test we successfully recorded videos at 80 frames per second from all 9 cameras synchronously.

Schaerttner Hall (Gym)
Sports Science Faculty of Leipzig University

Since its foundation in 1990 ccc software gmbh has been busy with developing individual software solutions for the industrial sector. We focus on the field of IT solutions for medium-sized producing business predominantly in the metal, glass, and solar trades. ccc distinguishes itself as “tailor-maker” of individual solutions. These optimize the manufacturing management (MES = Manufacturing Execution System) and bridge the informational gap in production between the company level (ERP systems, production planning systems) and the control level (automation/process level). The ccc industry software provides the most important information on the manufactured products and the production processes on a button click, offers the back-tracking of products, makes logistics processes easier, ensures quality requirements, or reduces paper-usage in the manufacture. The ccc solutions are applied in work preparation for detailed planning, in control stations for visualization, and for personal planning. They comprise tools for container optimization, product carrier tracking, tools management, or the Electronical Shift Book.

For futher information look at

The new version 4.5.x of  utilius® vs has in addition to the standard formats DV/AVI and WMV support for the video formats MPEG-2, HDV, and H.264/MPEG -4 AVC for capturing and for the video cut.
By default, utilius® vs records video in DV/AVI format. In order to change the recording format, please select the menu item  Administration – Options and then the tab Capture. Please change the file type to WMV, HDV, or H.264/MPEG -4 AVC. Then click OK and start your recording as usual.
IMPORTANT:  If you use a DV camcorder, you can select the file types AVI, WMV, and H.264/MPEG -4 AVC. The file type HDV is suitable only in conjunction with an HDV camcorder or an HDV video converter. It saves videos to an M2T file (MPEG-2 TS).
In order to output video scenes to one of the formats mentioned above, please click the button Output Options in the cut window and select the appropriate file type on the tab Output Options.

The new version 4.5 of our video analysis system adds to the standard formats DV/AVI and WMV support for the video formats MPEG-2 and H.264/MPEG -4 AVC for the video cut. You can also record with the video format H.264/MPEG -4 AVC and,  if you own an HDV camera,  with the HDV format.
The snapshot layout module in the new version 4.5 enables you to illustrate a motion sequence. You can present a choice of characteristics from motion phases.
Using utilius® vs standard you can replace characteristics from your category system automatically. If, for example, you associate team A with the characteristic ““Defense” to team B. You can export and import graphical category layouts in order to exchange them with other users of utilius vs. In the new version of utilius® vs standard, you can output your analysed scenes to separate video files. This allows for more flexibility in your evaluation.
The update to version 4.5 is available for a fee. You can easily order it from our sales team. Please write an e-mail to

Prices for the update from a previous version to the version 4.5

utilius® vs essential          149€ incl. VAT
utilius® vs standard           249€ incl. VAT
utilius® vs advanced          399€ incl. VAT

The module Tagging PLUS offers the same functions as the Tagging module. You can define individual layouts for tagging scenes, show the statistics of the tagging, and playback all scenes for a tag. The Tagging PLUS module extends this tagging and evaluation by a browser component, the Remote Tagging. This enables you use a remote device (2nd notebook, tablet PC, or smartphone) for tagging scenes that are saved on the host device (the “fairplay 5 computer”). The connection between remote and host device may be by cable or via WLAN.


The revised CodecPack now enables you to record video from a HDV camera via FireWire. Thus you can use video in HDV format at high resolution quality for your analysis and further processing. With the help of an HDMI-to-HDV converter you can even use the high resolution live signal from your AVCHD camera or a similar device for recording, provided the camera has an HDMI output

The new module Tagging PLUS offers you all well-proven functions of the Tagging module, e.g. defining a button scheme with scene notes, or producing a frequency statistics of actions. Additionally, you can tag your scenes online (remotely). For example, use your tagging template for tagging online from your iPhone or iPad.
All you need is a device with a web browser connected to the same network as the computer running utilius® fairplay 5. It does not matter whether these devices are connected by cable or via WLAN to this network.
Following that you can watch your scenes marked in the video. This saves your time and you can move around freely on the field.

You can purchase the new Tagging PLUS module in our online shop at the price of 89€.

The new version 5.3.1 offers you even more features improving your work with your videos. utilius® fairplay 5 gives you ideal facilities for marking scenes which you can, with the help of the new modules for Youtube or siliconcoach LIVE, upload to a video platform of your choice. Thus you as a coach are able to do your video analysis of your athlete independently of your location.

You can order utilius® fairplay 5 easily in our Online-Shop.

Do you already have an older version of utilius® fairplay 5? Please download the latest version from our download center.

You have already tested utilius® fairplay 5 but have not found enough time yet for using all functions and modules extensively? You can register directly in the program and extend your trial period by 20 days.
And this is how: After your trial period has expired, a dialog box is displayed asking for registration. Please enter your data and you will receive an activation link by mail for activating utilius® fairplay 5 for another time. Please click the activation link. On the next start of utilius® fairplay 5 you will then be given 20 more days for trial.

The training assistant utilius® coachassist now provides you the functionality to run your training exercises as an animated version. Ball and players can change their positions according to your settings in order to visualize the training exercises in a better way. To use this feature you need to run utilius® coachassist in version 2.5.1 or any higher version.
At first, select your playing field and place the symbols for the starting position. Then select animation in the left symbol tray. The time line of the animation will now open in a new window. Click on the symbol to be animated and drag an animation path into the desired direction (e.g. where the ball should be played or where the player should move to). Finally assign a line style, arrow and color to the line. In the time line the animation path will be shown as a blue bar (or yellow when selected). The duration for the move will be a default of 1 second; this can be changed by selecting the bar and dragging the right end to the left or right. Now you can check the result by playing the animation. For this, click on preview in the animation window and then select play from the menu. Repeat these steps to add more animation paths.
A full set of instructions is included in the online help of utilius® coachassist.

The new animation module, being included in the current version of utilius® coachassist, provides you with the functionality to animate your training exercises and tactics within short time. Just a few mouse clicks to define your animation paths and to visualize your exercises. Raise your training and match planning to a new and highly professional level!
You are currently using an older version of utilius® coachassist and want to use the new functionality? No problem, just order a program update at a very reasonable price.

It will be all your fault if you miss this special offer. Right now you can order utilius® fairplay 5 bundle including the tagging module and MPEG-CodecPack (download version) at the special price of € 115.97 (regular price € 157.15) or utilius® fairplay 5 with hardware dongle including both additional modules at € 174.79 (regular price € 215.97). Thanks to the new add on modules for utilius® fairplay 5 you can now expand the functionality of your program according to your needs.
Take your chance and order utilius® fairplay 5 at this special price. The offer is valid until 2011/12/31.

All prices are excluding V.A.T.
This special offer cannot be combined with any other specials.

Thanks to the new add-on modules for utilius® fairplay 5 you can now expand the functionality of your program according to your needs.
The Tagging-Module extends the scene capturing feature of utilius® fairplay 5 with additional functionality. Just one mouse click is all it takes to flag a scene and add a comment. The statistics feature provides an overview of all flagged actions and gives you an easy way to play all the scenes flagged with a specific property.
The MPEG-CodecPack provides the ability to play videos that were recorded using the widespread video codec MPEG-4/AVC as well as to encode videos using that codec. Technological base is the high quality codec by market leader MainConcept and full support of industry standard H.264 for HD-Video-quality and AAC for audio.
Both modules are available in our online store.

The completely re-designed user interface and numerous new features make utilius® fairplay 5 one of the best video players for sports. The implementation is suited to the needs of players, coaches, and the video analyst and provides the ideal introduction to professional video analysis. See for yourself and download a trial version of utilius® fairplay 5 from our download portal.
You can find further information on our new video player on our product page.

With its revised analysis module, utilius® vs version 4.3.10 offers a variety of possibilities for presenting analysis results. A video analysis is comprised of several scenes that are described in more detail with the help of features from the category system. Within the analysis module, these features are displayed in lists, tables and graphics and are linked up with corresponding video scenes. One mouse click on the appropriate table or graphics element and the video is viewed. The way it is being shown may be freely defined. For it, analysis templates for scene lists, tables, charts, plates and presentation files are available. Subsequently, the analysis can be presented in the Internet Explorer and be passed on CD or DVD.
This is how to set up an analysis:

The Finland national basketball team has been using utilius® vs since 2007. During that time, they have taken advantage of the well paying ccc software gmbh sports software.
Providing ideas for this project and enthusiastic user of the system is Ari Tammivaara.
Read here about his experiences.

For 3 months now, we have a new sales partner in Latin America. Last year, Mr. Leonardo Rodríguez attended a 5-months lasting international coach cours (ITK) for PE teachers and coaches from Latin America at the Faculty of Sports Science of the University of Leipzig. The main emphasis was on the sport volleyball. Aside from practice-oriented units, theory as for example video analysis was on the agenda. Back in Latin America, Mr. Rodríguez visisted the Women’s South American Volleyball Championship where he presented the video information system utilius® vs to a great public, thereby attracting wide interest for it. Since then, Mr. Rodríguez has been supporting the sales of sports software in Latin America.

Contact details:

Entrenador Leonardo Rodríguez
Calle C "Brigadier Juan Antonio Lavalleja" s/n, entre 3 y 4.
Parque del Plata, Canelones, Uruguay.
Zipcode: 16100
Phone: (00598)-3753719
Mobile phone: (00598)-99227364

Have you already purchased a license utilius® vs and do you benefit from the advantages of the video analysis? Are you thinking of purchasing another license of the video analysis software? In this case, this is the right point of time! Each association or organization that is already in possession of a license of utilius® vs has as of now the single opportunity to purchase another equal license of utilius® vs with a dicount of 50%. 
This offer is also valid for our new customers. Buy 2 licenses utilius® vs and get a 50% discount on the second license*.
Interested? Please request you personal offer.
This offer is valid until December 31, 2009.

Detailed information about our video analysis system utilius® vs can be obtained here:

* Discounts cannot be combined.

For three months, the video player utilius® fairplay as well as the training management system utilius® coachassist have also been available in Spanish. For it, the ccc software gmbh has used a translation tool that was developed for that specific purpose, offering excellent possibilities for easy translations into any language. The entire software or single text paragraphs thereof can now be translated in a fast and uncomplicated way into various languages. Thus the ccc software gmbh ensures the easy handling of programs for its international customers, too.

Yes, it is. Using the command “Export cutting list”, you save the information of the cutting list in tabular form within a file. You can specify in a control, which fields are to be exported. You can export features of the category system, recorded times and file names in different file formats (text file for follow up in Microsoft Excel, HTML file for displaying or printing in the Internet browser).

The procedure is as follows: Click with the right mouse button into the scene list of your video cut, and then with the left mouse button in the context menu on “Export cutting list”. The assistant is started. Select as a first step the columns of the table and their order. Then, as a second step, the result table is shown in the preview.  After that, the export file name and file format are determined. In case you wish to follow up on your analysis data in Microsoft Excel, select the file type “csv” and the format “text file, separated by semicolon”. As a final step you may look at the result or switch to the export directory and close the assistant.

Since 2006, FIBA Europe, the European Basketball Organization, has been running an online platform for training planning. It allows Basketball coaches to collect training exercises online and to use them for creating individual training plans. The intensive use of the platform is due to collected exercises and moves being published for all users as well as to the possible exchange among coaches in the forum. Having successfully completed an initial project, ccc takes on the support and further development of the FIBA Europe Coaching Website as of March 2009.  As successful developer of sports software products, ccc has the best qualifications to take up this challenge!

As Basketball coach you can register here for this free offer:

It is also outside of Germany that our software enjoys greater popularity. Top clubs in countries such as Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands use our software. This is why ccc software has been maintaining a vast worldwide sales network for many years. Our on-site partners use their good contacts within the sports sector.
Our newest sales partner from Norway, Tone Woelner, could also convince herself of the advantages of the video analysis system utilius® vs while being with the Saxon second division team SC Markranstädt. Now she is back to native Norway and supports top clubs with her knowledge.

The video player utilius® fairplay of the ccc software gmbh offers comfortable playing functions, excellent possibilities of analysis and easy handling: With one mouse click, a scene may be repeated as infinite loop or may be displayed in slow motion. The de-interlaced mode improves the picture quality with fast movements significantly.

Comparing two pictures becomes a child’s play using utilius® fairplay. With one mouse click, both videos may be synchronized and be played comfortably next to each other, if needed also mirrored.

As of full version 4, it is also possible to cut videos easily with utilius® fairplay. Video sequences may be cut, pasted, copied or attached. Furthermore, freezed images or all single pictures of a marked sector may be saved as a picture file, if desired also with automatic naming and in freely selectable distances. AVI files and WMV files are suitable for video cutting. The full version is available for download on our website as 20 day test version, the free version utilius® fairplay lite may also be downloaded.

The distance of a pass, the approach angle of a ball, its speed …
a good athlete realizes such parameters within split seconds and without thinking. However, an objective assessment of a match or a training situation requires physical measurement parameters. With utilius® easyinspect, these data can be obtained by analysing normal video sequences. Fast, easy and amazingly precise. As uncomplicated the use of this software is, as high complex and groundbreaking are the algorithms with which it "translates" two-dimensional images into the three-dimensional space, carrying out desired measurements: spaces, angles, distances and speeds. Even if you have an excellent "eye", using utilius® easyinspect you will recognize still much more.

Your most important advantages point by point:

  • Measuring within three-dimensional space and analysis without time-consuming test set-up – easy measuring of spaces and angles.
  • Determining distances and speeds by analysing video sequences.
  • Clear graphic display of measured values in the video image and in result lists.
  • Easy construction of measuring points lying outside the video image.
  • Free definable units of measurement.
  • Saving of recurring measuring sequences in measuring templates.
  • Full functionality of utilius® fairplay.

The new version 4 of utilius® fairplay makes it easy to cut videos. Video sequences may be cut, inserted, copied or attached. In addition, fixed images and single images of marked sections may be saved as image files, if desired also with automatic naming and free definable spaces. Short cuts, that is key sequences, can be used for these functions, such as Ctrl+C to copy a marked section or Ctrl+V to insert a section into a video at a marked spot. AVI and WMV files are suitable for video cuts.

Mrs. Stefanie Scholz joined our ccc team in the sales of sports software in December 2008. As graduate sports engineer, she excellently combines aspects of sports science and engineering. In her studies, the main emphasis was on integrated product development, sports equipment engineering as well as on performance diagnostics and biomechanics. These are the best qualifications to optimally support you as our customers. Part of her responsibilities with the ccc software gmbh are sales, customer care and sales partner support.

How to reach Mrs. Scholz in the future:
ccc software gmbh
Stefanie Scholz
Ring 24 | 04416 Markkleeberg | Germany
phone: +49 (341) 30548 – 48

The new Internet presence of the ccc software gmbh is online! Thanks to the support of the Dresden agencies Markenteam and xport as well as Michael Faulmüller from LingoBar, all details, from the content to the „look & feel“ were redesigned and realized according to modern perspectives.
Special thank to xport for having customized our ideas with the utmost care and expertise. „Even though it meant more work than expected, I know it was worth the effort. The new online presence is modern and now reflects also the professionalism of the cooperation with our customers on the Internet,“ said Jens Heinrich, manager of the ccc software gmbh.
Just click on our homepage on the sports picture and get an idea of further fields of activity.


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